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ISBN: 9780575127685 - Bete Bete
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0575127686  ISBN13: 9780575127685
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Gollancz
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 25 Sep 2014
A man is about to kill a cow. He discusses life and death and his right to kill with the compliant animal. He begins to suspect he may be about to commit murder. But kills anyway...It began when the animal rights movement injected domestic animals... More
ISBN: 9780575130357 - Adam Robots Adam Robots
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0575130350  ISBN13: 9780575130357
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Gollancz
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 19 Dec 2013
Gathered together here are the short stories of Adam Roberts. Unique twisted visions from the edges and the centre of the SF genres. Stories that carry Adam Roberts' trademark elegance of style and restless enquiry of the genre he loves so much. More
ISBN: 9780575083660 - By Light Alone By Light Alone
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0575083662  ISBN13: 9780575083660
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Gollancz
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 14 Jun 2012
In the future hunger is a thing of the past. Unless you choose to be hungry. The new novel from the 'enfant terrible of British SF' (GUARDIAN). In a world where we have been genetically engineered so that we can photosynthesise sunlight with our... More
ISBN: 9780575134423 - Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0575134429  ISBN13: 9780575134423
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Gollancz
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 16 Jan 2014
It is 1958 and France's first nuclear submarine, Plongeur, leaves port for the first of its sea trials. On board, gathered together for the first time, one of the navy's most experienced captains and a tiny skeleton crew of sailors... More
ISBN: 9781137373632 - The Riddles of the Hobbit The Riddles of the Hobbit
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 1137373636  ISBN13: 9781137373632
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 01 Nov 2013
Riddles are threaded through The Hobbit, and are key to Tolkien's creative imagination. The Riddles of The Hobbit situates this novel and the rest of Tolkien's writing in the context of Old English riddling culture, and more modern day examples... More
ISBN: 9780198763901 - Documents on the Laws of War Documents on the Laws of War
Adam Roberts, Richard Guelff

ISBN10: 0198763905  ISBN13: 9780198763901
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Edition: 3rd Revised edition
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 13 Apr 2000
This new edition of the popular and authoritative text on the laws of war has been revised and completely updated to take account of the many diplomatic, legal and military developments of the last ten years. Conflicts in the Gulf, Yugoslavia and... More

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ISBN: 9780199554690 - The Major Works The Major Works
Robert Browning Adam C Roberts

ISBN10: 0199554692  ISBN13: 9780199554690
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 25 Jun 2009
This comprehensive selection includes over eighty of Browning's shorter poems, amongst them his most famous and best-loved dramatic monologues, as well as the complete text of many of his longer poems. This edition also selects generously from the... More
ISBN: 9780575083639 - New Model Army New Model Army
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0575083638  ISBN13: 9780575083639
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co Gollancz
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 10 Mar 2011
A nightmarish vision of future war from a literary master of SF. Adam Roberts' new novel is a terrifying vision of a near future war - a civil war that tears the UK apart as new technologies allow the world's first truly democratic army to take on... More

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ISBN: 9781907069758 - Sibilant Fricative Sibilant Fricative
Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 1907069755  ISBN13: 9781907069758
Publisher: NewCon Press Steel Quill Books
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 15 Aug 2014
ISBN: 9780748692088 - Biographia Literaria by Samuel Taylor Coleridge Biographia Literaria by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Adam Roberts

ISBN10: 0748692088  ISBN13: 9780748692088
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Edition: annotated edition
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 30 Nov 2014
A fully annotated critical edition of the Biographia. It includes a detailed Critical Introduction, a Textual Introduction, the text of the Biographia Literaria, including Coleridge's notes and editorial footnotes; Endnotes; and a Bibliography. More