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ISBN: 9780755361731 - Everything You Know About Business is Wrong Everything You Know About Business is Wrong
Dryburgh, Alastair

ISBN10: 9780755361748  ISBN13: 9780755361748
Publisher: Headline Business Plus
Format: Electronic Book
To be brilliant in business you have to dare to be different. It means going against the grain, taking risks and never giving up despite the challenges hurled at you. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT BUSINESS IS WRONG is the bible for the unconventional... More

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ISBN: 9780141043159 - Greatest Trade Ever Greatest Trade Ever
Zuckerman, Gregory

ISBN10: 9780670918379  ISBN13: 9780670918379
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Penguin
Format: Electronic Book
Back in 2006, hunched over spreadsheets, hedge fund titan John Paulson realised that the housing market was vastly overstretched. Fuelled by sub-prime mortgages, it was a classic bubble ready to burst. He had waited his whole life for this perfect... More

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ISBN: 9780566088674 - Managing Risk in Projects Managing Risk in Projects
Hillson, David

ISBN10: 9780566091551  ISBN13: 9780566091551
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd Gower
Format: Electronic Book
A concise description of current best practice in project risk management introduces the latest relevant developments enabling project managers, project sponsors and others responsible for managing risk in projects to do just that - effectively. More

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ISBN: 9780761847465 - Blueprint for Success in Business Blueprint for Success in Business
Whitney, E P

ISBN10: 9780761847472  ISBN13: 9780761847472
Publisher: University Press of America
Format: Electronic Book
Blueprint for Success in Business provides a comprehensive budget management guide for the planning, operation, and monitoring of a business enterprise to realize maximum profit. The program detailed in this book was developed at the Business... More

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ISBN: 9781781250099 - Change Book Change Book
Krogerus, Mikael; Tschaeppeler, Roman

ISBN10: 9781847658845  ISBN13: 9781847658845
Publisher: Profile
Format: Electronic Book
How do you make your way in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate? Why do we have less and less time? Why are some people unfaithful? How can our government act against threats before they happen? This book is about change ... More

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ISBN: 9780385529006 - Fierce Leadership Fierce Leadership
Scott, Susan

ISBN10: 9780307589422  ISBN13: 9780307589422
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group Crown Business
Format: Electronic Book
From the author of the acclaimed book Fierce Conversations comes the antidote to some of the most wrongheaded practices of business today. ';Provide anonymous feedback.' ';Hire smart people.' ';Hold people accountable.' These are all sound... More

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ISBN: 9780670082308 - Go Kiss World Go Kiss World
Bagchi, Subroto

ISBN10: 9788184750003  ISBN13: 9788184750003
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd Portfolio
Format: Electronic Book
Go, kiss the world were Subroto Bagchi s blind mother s last words to him. These words became the guiding principle of his life. Subroto Bagchi grew up amidst what he calls the material simplicity of rural and small-town Orissa, imbibing from... More

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ISBN: 9781443819916 - Negotiating Solidarity Negotiating Solidarity
Lipovsky, Caroline

ISBN10: 9781443820394  ISBN13: 9781443820394
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Format: Electronic Book
Negotiating Solidarity: A Social-Linguistic Approach to Job Interviews explores the linguistic co-construction of self-presentation in job interviews. It shows how candidates construct their professional identities, and establish co... More

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ISBN: 9781861976451 - What Management Is What Management Is
Magretta, Joan

ISBN10: 9781847656827  ISBN13: 9781847656827
Publisher: Profile
Format: Electronic Book
A book about management, described by guru Peter Drucker as 'a first rate as an introduction for the non-manager and especially for the beginner, but equally excellent as a rounded, complete, and comprehensive `refresher course' for the most... More

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ISBN: 9780099301257 - Empty Raincoat Empty Raincoat
Handy, Charles

ISBN10: 9781446472552  ISBN13: 9781446472552
Publisher: Random House Cornerstone Digital
Format: Electronic Book
*Can you find the way to Davy's bar? *Do you know the Doughnut principal? *How do you make a Chinese contract? The changes which Charles Handy foresaw in THE AGE OF UNREASON are happening. Endless growth can make a candyfloss economy... More