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ISBN: 9781458725332 - Female Vision Female Vision
Helgesen, Sally; Johnson, Julie

ISBN10: 9781576758946  ISBN13: 9781576758946
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Format: Electronic Book
Groundbreaking new insights from the author of The Female AdvantageRedefines what women have to offer to the worldProvides a fresh and actionable perspective for organizations seeking to leverage women's best talents Women see the world through a... More

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ISBN: 9780143026747 - Wealth Journey Wealth Journey
Theo, Kiki

ISBN10: 9780143527251  ISBN13: 9780143527251
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd SA Penguin
Format: Electronic Book
In Wealth Journey, an original model describing the dimensions of wealth and its creation from a psychological perspective, you will: Discover the 9 Levels of Wealth Consciousness; Confront the 9 Wealth Challenges; Overcome the 9 Wealth Detours... More

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ISBN: 9780199656981 - Management: A Very Short Introduction Management: A Very Short Introduction
Hendry, John

ISBN10: 9780191642685  ISBN13: 9780191642685
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Format: Electronic Book
In this Very Short Introduction, John Hendry provides a lively introduction to the nature and principles of management. Tracing its development over the past century, Hendry looks not only at the jobs managers do today and their place in the... More

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ISBN: 9781422163788 - Giving Presentations Giving Presentations

ISBN10: 9781422163788  ISBN13: 9781422163788
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
Format: Electronic Book
Making persuasive presentations isn't just a matter of charisma and fancy charts: it requires concrete skills that are vital to keeping your audience engaged and involved. This handy guide contains key information on how to customize your... More

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ISBN: 9781905211234 - Know-How Know-How
Charan, Ram

ISBN10: 9781407008141  ISBN13: 9781407008141
Publisher: Random House Cornerstone Digital
Format: Electronic Book
In this ground-breaking new book, Ram Charan, co-author of the bestselling Execution, redefines leadership by focusing on eight specific practical skills that, if mastered, are guaranteed to bring success.1. Positioning formulating a clear... More

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ISBN: 9780199261130 - Diversity of Modern Capitalism Diversity of Modern Capitalism

ISBN10: 9780191532054  ISBN13: 9780191532054
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Electronic Book
This book proposes a comparative analysis of modern capitalism. It identifies five different types of modern economies: the market-based economies, Asian capitalism, the Continental European model, the social democratic economies, and the... More

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ISBN: 9781590512616 - What You Don't Know You Know What You Don't Know You Know
Eisold, Ken

ISBN10: 9781590513651  ISBN13: 9781590513651
Publisher: Other Press
Format: Electronic Book
The unconscious sprang to the attention of the West a hundred years ago, and we are still struggling to absorb its full impact. It was one thing to understand the concept, to see it and believe it, but another to live with it, to take in fully... More

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ISBN: 9781458777584 - Make Their Day! Make Their Day!
Ventrice, Cindy

ISBN10: 9781576756201  ISBN13: 9781576756201
Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Format: Electronic Book
In this thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the bestselling guide (over 20,000 of the 1st edition sold) to employee recognition, author Cindy Ventrice explores how managers need to adapt their recognition strategies to deal with global... More

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ISBN: 9781577314905 - To Be of Use To Be of Use
Smith, Dave

ISBN10: 9781577318682  ISBN13: 9781577318682
Publisher: New World Library
Format: Electronic Book
As a pioneer in the sustainable business movement, Smith & Hawken co-founder Dave Smith is on a mission to inspire people everywhere to reconcile compassionate values with capitalism. To Be of Use shows that business can be a force for radical... More

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ISBN: 9781846639333 - Executive Compensation Executive Compensation

ISBN10: 9781846639333  ISBN13: 9781846639333
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Format: Electronic Book
This e-book examines the nature of executive & CEO compensation in relation to tenure, firm size, firm performance and several other important factors. It also discusses the 'new economy' firms of the 1990's and the impact they had on executive... More