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ISBN: 9781409438717 - Cultural Policy, Work and Identity Cultural Policy, Work and Identity
Paquette, Jonathan

ISBN10: 9781409461548  ISBN13: 9781409461548
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Ltd Ashgate
Format: Electronic Book
How have cultural policies created new occupations and shaped professions? This book explores an often unacknowledged dimension of cultural policy analysis: the professional identity of cultural agents. It analyses the relationship between... More

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ISBN: 9781555521035 - Enneagram Applications Enneagram Applications
Condon, Clarence Thomson and Thomas

ISBN10: 9781884305993  ISBN13: 9781884305993
Publisher: Changeworks
Format: Electronic Book
See the Enneagram at Work and PlayThe subject of several best-selling books, the Enneagram is a fascinating, powerful system of psychology that describes the nine personality styles that human beings most favor. This new book shows you the many... More

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ISBN: 9780124078642 - Religion in Personality Theory Religion in Personality Theory
Walborn, Frederick

ISBN10: 9780124079434  ISBN13: 9780124079434
Publisher: Elsevier Science Academic Press
Format: Electronic Book
Religion in Personality Theory makes clear the link between theory and research and personality and religion. Presently, most personality texts have a limited discussion of religion and reference few theorists other than Freud and Maslow in... More

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ISBN: 9780857251145 - Personality and Individual Differences Personality and Individual Differences
Mahoney, Bere

ISBN10: 9780857251640  ISBN13: 9780857251640
Publisher: SAGE Publications Learning Matters
Format: Electronic Book
Electronic Inspection Copy Available for instructors hereThis accessible introductory text covers core domains of variation in individual differences: the history, philosophy and methods used in individual differences psychology, personality... More

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ISBN: 9781107028098 - Are We Getting Smarter? Are We Getting Smarter?
Flynn, James R

ISBN10: 9781139575393  ISBN13: 9781139575393
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Format: Electronic Book
The 'Flynn effect' is a surprising finding, identified by James R. Flynn, that IQ test scores have significantly increased from one generation to the next over the past century. Flynn now brings us an exciting new book which aims to make sense of... More

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ISBN: 9781118095225 - Codependency For Dummies Codependency For Dummies
Lancer, Darlene

ISBN10: 9781118223581  ISBN13: 9781118223581
Publisher: Wiley For Dummies
Format: Electronic Book
Codependency is much more widespread than originally thought. You don’t even have to be in a relationship. Codependents have trouble accepting themselves, so they hide who they are to be accepted by someone else.Codependency for Dummies is... More

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ISBN: 9780805841886 - Optimal Human Being Optimal Human Being
Sheldon, Kennon M

ISBN10: 9781410610973  ISBN13: 9781410610973
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Psychology Press
Format: Electronic Book
Ken Sheldon's comprehensive new book addresses two questions: how can individuals best integrate the different facets of themselves to achieve "e;optimal human being"e;, and how can researchers best integrate the different levels of... More

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ISBN: 9781405193863 - Self and Identity Self and Identity
Kashima, Yoshihisa; Foddy, Margaret; Platow, Michael

ISBN10: 9781410602206  ISBN13: 9781410602206
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Psychology Press
Format: Electronic Book
This edited volume outlines the latest meta-theoretical and theoretical contexts of self-research. Self and Identity examines theoretical accounts of human experience within the contemporary socio-cultural milieu and attempts to answer the... More

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ISBN: 9781401931278 - I Believe I Believe
Taylor, Eldon

ISBN10: 9781401931292  ISBN13: 9781401931292
Publisher: Hay House Publishing Hay House Inc
Format: Electronic Book
What is the foundation underpinning success in all areas of life? Is there a blueprint? What if you learned that your beliefs were the very cornerstones that supported success, and that having a few of these could give rise to success in some... More

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ISBN: 9780061713163 - Essential Enneagram Essential Enneagram
Daniels, David; Price, Virginia

ISBN10: 9780061985690  ISBN13: 9780061985690
Publisher: HarperCollins HarperCollins e-books
Format: Electronic Book
The First and Only Scientifically Determined Enneagram Personality Test and GuideA centuries-old psychological system with roots in sacred tradition, the Enneagram can be an invaluable guide in your journey toward self-understanding and self... More