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ISBN: 9781250062642 - Why the Germans? Why the Jews? Why the Germans? Why the Jews?
Gotz Aly

ISBN10: 1250062640  ISBN13: 9781250062642
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 05 May 2015
Shows that German anti-Semitism did not originate with racist ideology or religious animosity, as is often supposed. The author demonstrates that it was rooted in a more basic emotion: material envy. Countless people have grappled with these... More
ISBN: 9781632206541 - Our Crime Was Being Jewish Our Crime Was Being Jewish
Anthony S Pitch

ISBN10: 1632206544  ISBN13: 9781632206541
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 23 Apr 2015
In the shouted words of a woman bound for Auschwitz to a man about to escape from a cattle car, "If you get out, maybe you can tell the story! Who else will tell it?" Our Crime Was Being Jewish contains 576 vivid memories of 358 Holocaust survivors. More
ISBN: 9781250059536 - Lincoln and the Jews Lincoln and the Jews
Jonathan D Sarna, Benjamin Shapell

ISBN10: 1250059534  ISBN13: 9781250059536
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 21 Apr 2015
By the time his life ended, Lincoln had been involved with over one hundred Jews, stood against many of his anti - semitic generals even as he needed them to win the war, and become an advocate for Jewish equality and acceptance. This book details... More
ISBN: 9783791381459 - Yuri Dojc Last Folio Yuri Dojc Last Folio
Katya Krausova

ISBN10: 3791381458  ISBN13: 9783791381459
Publisher: Prestel
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 21 Apr 2015
This personal and immensely moving collection of photographs taken decades after the Holocaust poignantly documents a once-thriving culture that disappeared virtually overnight. The first country to adopt Nazi Germany's anti-Jewish policies... More
ISBN: 9780674967595 - Before Auschwitz Before Auschwitz
Kim Wunschmann

ISBN10: 0674967593  ISBN13: 9780674967595
Publisher: Harvard University Press
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 24 Mar 2015
Nazis began detaining Jews in camps as soon as they came to power in 1933. Kim Wunschmann reveals the origin of these extralegal detention sites, the harsh treatment Jews received there, and the message the camps sent to Germans: that Jews were... More
ISBN: 9780226272467 - Dreamland of Humanists Dreamland of Humanists
Emily J Levine

ISBN10: 022627246X  ISBN13: 9780226272467
Publisher: The University of Chicago Press University of Chicago Press
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 20 Feb 2015
Deemed by Heinrich Heine a city of merchants where poets go to die, Hamburg was an improbable setting for a major intellectual movement. This book considers not just the men but also the historical significance of the time and place where their... More
ISBN: 9780199656523 - Dachau and the SS Dachau and the SS
Christopher Dillon

ISBN10: 0199656525  ISBN13: 9780199656523
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 12 Feb 2015
The first systematic study of the 'Dachau School', Hitler's national academy of violence. Dillon analyses recruitment to the Dachau SS and evaluates the contribution of ideology, training, masculinity, and social psychology to the conduct and... More
ISBN: 9781783482962 - Breaking the Silence Breaking the Silence
Merilyn A Moos

ISBN10: 1783482966  ISBN13: 9781783482962
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield International
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01 Feb 2015
An in-depth analysis of the memories and experiences of the British second generation of refugees from Nazism before the Holocaust. This oral history project investigates the impact of their parents' trauma, dislocation and pattern of silence on... More
ISBN: 9780700620067 - Holocaust versus Wehrmacht Holocaust versus Wehrmacht
Yaron Pasher

ISBN10: 0700620060  ISBN13: 9780700620067
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 30 Jan 2015
An innovative and thorough history of how Hitler's war to eliminate Europe's Jews and the Wehrmacht's war versus the Allies were in conflict with each other to the material detriment of the latter. In 1941, as Nazi Germany began its disastrous... More
ISBN: 9781408863879 - The Girl from Human Street Bestseller The Girl from Human Street
Roger Cohen

ISBN10: 1408863871  ISBN13: 9781408863879
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 29 Jan 2015
It has taken me a long time to piece all this together. Memories come not like heavy rain but the drops falling from leaves after it. There were elements missing. At last I knew I would not be whole until I found them...June Cohen was born on... More