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ISBN: 9780099457862 - Critical Mass
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Critical Mass

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Philip Ball

ISBN: 9780099457862
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Arrow Books Ltd

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Is there a 'physics of society'? Ranging from Hobbes and Adam Smith to modern work on traffic flow and market trading, and across economics, sociology and psychology, this title shows how much we can understand of human behaviour when we cease to try to predict and analyse the behaviour of individuals.





ISBN9780099457862 Pages656
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 Weight (grammes)462
PublisherCornerstone Published inLondon
ImprintArrow Books Ltd Published inGB
FormatPaperback Height (mm)198
Publication date03 Feb 2005 Width (mm)129
DEWEY501 Spine width (mm)34
DEWEY editionDC22 

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