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ISBN: 9780632056576 - Community Health Care Nursing
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Community Health Care Nursing

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Sines, David (EDT)/ Appleby, Frances M./ Raymond, Elizabeth/ Sines, David/ Appleby, Frances M. (EDT)/ Raymond, Elizabeth (EDT)
David Sines

ISBN: 9780632056576
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Blackwell Science Ltd
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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This book is a source of reference for all those working in the community health care domain. It addresses some of the main issues for the introduction and implementation of a sound infrastructure for community health care nursing delivery. These ideas may be taken and adapted to suit local requirements.

Community Health Care Nursing provides an excellent example of the application of knowledge and theory to community health care nursing practice. It will be of use to practitioners…






"The text has been thoroughly revised in order to plalce community health care nursing within the context of contemporary health policy and to explore a number of key challenges...an extremely popular and valuable resource to students, practitioners and managers in community health care nursing." Journal of Advanced Nursing.