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ISBN: 9780691114422 - Robustness
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Lars Peter Hansen

ISBN: 9780691114422
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Princeton University Press

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The standard theory of decision making under uncertainty advises the decision maker to form a statistical model linking outcomes to decisions and then to choose the optimal distribution of outcomes. It assumes that you trust the model completely. But what should a decision maker do if the model cannot be trusted? This work answers this question.






ISBN9780691114422 Pages464
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 Weight (grammes)1138
PublisherPrinceton University Press Published inNew Jersey
ImprintPrinceton University Press Published inUS
FormatHardback Height (mm)254
Publication date29 Oct 2007 Width (mm)178
DEWEY330.015118 Spine width (mm)36
DEWEY editionDC22 

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