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ISBN: 9780713999594 - Yes, But is it Good for the Jews?
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Yes, But is it Good for the Jews?

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Jonny Geller

ISBN: 9780713999594
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Allen Lane

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Reveals the secrets of the ancient art of Judology. This book, a hilarious A-Z of world history and popular culture, measures whether a variety of subjects are, in fact, Good for the Jews. It reveals to the outside world (yes, Non-Jews are allowed to buy this book), the mathematical formula that determines whether something is Good for the Jews.





ISBN9780713999594 Pages272
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 Weight (grammes)328
PublisherPenguin Books Ltd Published inLondon
ImprintAllen Lane Published inGB
FormatHardback Height (mm)194
Publication date02 Nov 2006 Width (mm)122
DEWEY828.9207 Spine width (mm)25
DEWEY editionDC22 

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