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ISBN: 9780747599418 - Ghosts of Empire
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Ghosts of Empire

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Britain's Legacies in the Modern World

Kwasi Kwarteng

ISBN: 9780747599418
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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This fascinating book shows how the later years of the British Empire were characterised by accidental oversights, irresponsible opportunism and uncertain pragmatism





'Well-written, witty, but above all fair-minded, this is the best general overview of the British Empire to appear in years. Kwasi Kwarteng has emerged as a significant scholar on the historical scene' Andrew Roberts 'I was hugely impressed by the sheer quality of Kwasi Kwarteng's analysis and lucid writing, not least because he made the subject feel so alive. I learned something new on virtually every page of this fine book, a reflection of the depth and rigour of his research. His pen portraits of leading imperialists are superbly achieved' Michael Burleigh

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