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ISBN: 9780750641340 - Sustainable Architecture
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Sustainable Architecture

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European Directives and Building Design

Brian Edwards

ISBN: 9780750641340
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Taylor & Francis Ltd
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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In this text, the author explains the responsibilities and opportunities for architects emanating from environmental laws, especially Euro-directives. This edition includes new chapters on photovoltaics, water conservation and sustainnable construction.






Brian Edwards and a team of expert contributors set out the important sustainable principles in the practice of architecture. The second edition outlines the full impact of environmental laws for architects, especially those which derive from Europe. This second edition has six new chapters, including Photovoltaics and new sections on 'Water conservation' and 'Sustainable construction'. It has been updated in line with the changes in European environmental law; there are also many more built examples which are fully illustrated. A wider range of case studies, targeted to the chapter themes, is also included. Brian Edwards is Professor of Architecture at the University of Huddersfield. He is also a member of the RIBA's Environment and Energy Committee and Advisor to Kirklees Council on Agenda 21. An expert team of contributors provide an authoritative guide to sustainable design and the law Comprehensive range of case studies illustrate all aspects of the architect's responsibilities