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ISBN: 9780801014611 - The Cross is Not Enough
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The Cross is Not Enough

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Ross Clifford, Philip Johnson

ISBN: 9780801014611
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group

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International apologists present a compelling and inspiring case for how to draw on the resurrection for everyday Christian living.





If Christ had not risen from the dead, if God's plan for redemption had ended at the cross, what would our faith look like? Have we become so fixated on the cross that we have lost an understanding of the centrality of the resurrection? And if we ignore the resurrection, what effect does that have on our worldview, our evangelism, and our Christian practice? In The Cross Is Not Enough, Ross Clifford and Philip Johnson explore how the resurrection of Christ has been understood in times past and restore this linchpin doctrine to its rightful place as the basis of our hope, our worldview, and the way we live our lives. They compare Christianity's unique understanding of resurrection to other world religions and explore why the resurrection connects so readily with the human psyche. Pastors, teachers, students, and anyone involved in ministry will benefit from this insightful and engaging treatment of Christianity's most important doctrine.