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ISBN: 9781408701966 - Ashoka
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The Search for India's Lost Emperor

Charles Allen

ISBN: 9781408701966
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Little, Brown

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* Thrilling new biography about the first man to rule all of the Indian subcontinent - Asia's lost emperor, Ashoka





Apart from its clarity and readability another of the book's strengths is the way in which it explains why Ashoka is so important ... Charles Allen nails Ashoka down, while skilfully showing us how he has done it Literary Review It is an inspiring tale, and Charles Allen tells it with the light, unshowy touch that has become second nature to him in his numerous excursions into British India and beyond Spectator An impressively researched, much-needed study, with vaulable period illustrations which should introduce a fascinating historical figues to a new general audience -- Andrew Robinson Independent

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