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ISBN: 9781409112679 - The Search for the Perfect Pub
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The Search for the Perfect Pub

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Paul Moody

ISBN: 9781409112679
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd )

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Around Britain, clocking up hundreds of beer miles in search of the perfect pub. A passionate defence of English drinking culture; an elegy for the local on your street corner.





Paul Moody and Robin Turner seem to have found the ideal literary assignment, travelling round Britain in pursuit of the ideal watering place. But they also have a serious purpose as they investigate the decline of pub culture. -- Conde Nast Traveller Giles Foden Part road trip, part pub guide and part lament, Paul Moody and Robin Turner's book takes its lead from George Orwell's fantasy pub...the enthusiasm for fine beers and charming independent pubs makes reading it very thirsty work. -- Nathan Brooker FINANCIAL TIMES 20111119 A rattling good yarn. It is the fruit of a three-year journey measuring - surprisingly favourably - today's pubs with with a template set 65 years ago by George Orwell. -- Brian Elliott Scotland on Sunday 20111127 Taking chapters in turn, the pair travel far and wide, stopping off at some idiosyncratic and idyllic bars while delivering wholehearted celebration of the old-fashioned pub and all it represents -- Euan Ferguson TIME OUT 20111129 Entertaining and illuminating Shortlist A pub crawl meets liquid social history...this book can only help. Reuters A very entertaining journey with plenty of input from the kinds of characters I'd love to spend a pint or three with. And I highly recommend you buy a copy. It's the ideal book to make you think as you drink in that pub that you love on a wet afternoon in winter. Reluctant Scooper Written with a personality and intelligence that gives the book the feel of an informed, passionate chat down the pub. The Quietus Part elegy, part report on the state of the nation's libation. They are admirably even-handed, meeting both evil pubco mouthpieces and nice "micropub" hosts, and makes an excellent case for using and encouraging our pubs. -- Steve Jelbert THE INDEPENDENTS ON SUNDAY As the book so persuasively argues, well-run locals are the refuge of the democratic patriot and a force for social cohesion. You'll resolve to visit at least one pub every day for the rest of your life. -- Paul Du Noyer WORD MAGAZINE

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