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ISBN: 9781412920285 - Teaching Children 3-11
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Teaching Children 3-11

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Cockburn, Anne D. (EDT)/ Handscomb, Graham (EDT)
Anne Cockburn

ISBN: 9781412920285
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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With contributions from experienced and successful education practitioners, this book will enable the student to become a capable, caring and confident professional ready to educate the adults of the future. It covers all aspects of working with schools which students encounter before, during and after their training courses.






'This book has something for all students, combining theory with useful, practical advice. Issues I know students often find challenging, such as behaviour management, making the most of the tutor's visit and working with other adults are all included...a worthwhile investment for students on any ITT course' - Child Education Teaching Children 3 - 11 is a book for those contemplating a career in primary teaching, those about to embark on initial teacher education and those who are simply interested in the business of teaching children aged three to 11 years. It provides an overview of the key aspects involved in becoming a primary teacher both in terms of new government initiatives (e.g. the National Primary Strategy, collaboration and networking, and personalization) but also in terms of what it is to be a trainee teacher in the rapidly evolving world of primary schooling. This Second Edition brings readers up to date with the many changes that have taken place in primary education in the last five years and the book now takes into account the many different ways of becoming a trainee teacher, including open learning, in-school training and modular study.New material in this edition includes a look at CPD studies (especially reflection, lifelong learning and mentoring), collaborative practice and further discussion on professional values and working with other adults in the classroom.

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