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ISBN: 9781441148636 - Senses of Vibration
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Senses of Vibration

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Shelley Trower

ISBN: 9781441148636
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Continuum Publishing Corporation

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A study of the phenomenon of vibration and its history and reception through culture. It explores a range of sensory experience and makes a contribution to this field by focusing not simply on the senses as such, but on the material experience - vibration - that underpins them.






Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1.Nervous Motions; 2.Psychophysical Sensations and Spiritual Vibrations; 3.Wires, Rays and Radio Waves; 4.Pathological Motions: Railway Shock, Street Noises, Earthquakes; 5.Sexual Health: Bicycle Spine, Sewing Machines, the Vibrator; Bibliography; Index.

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