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ISBN: 9781441148636 - Senses of Vibration
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Senses of Vibration

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A History of the Pleasure and Pain of Sound

Shelley Trower

ISBN: 9781441148636
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Continuum Publishing Corporation

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A study of the phenomenon of vibration and its history and reception through culture. It explores a range of sensory experience and makes a contribution to this field by focusing not simply on the senses as such, but on the material experience - vibration - that underpins them.






"This book is remarkable not only for the range of its research, extraordinary though that is. It is even more impressive because of its capacity to stir its readers into genuinely imaginative thinking, a rare feat in a work of such scholarship. If we believe Charles Babbage, 'aerial pulses, unseen by the keenest eye' make of the very air around us 'one vast library' of all that has been said and done in the world. Senses of Vibration is certainly a major contribution to that library of the imagination." (Professor Philip Davis, Director of the Centre for Research into Reading, University of Liverpool.)"

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