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ISBN: 9781441185587 - Simulating War
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Simulating War

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Philip Sabin

ISBN: 9781441185587
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Continuum Publishing Corporation

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Explores the theory of conflict simulation as used in contemporary wargames, giving readers the intellectual skills to play and design their own simulations of conflicts. This title discusses the utility of this form of conflict simulation by setting it in its proper context alongside military and professional wargaming.






Over the past fifty years, many thousands of conflict simulations have been published which bring the dynamics of past and possible future wars to life. Philip Sabin used such techniques in his acclaimed previous book Lost Battles to cast new light on Greek and Roman land engagements. In this new work, he explores the theory and practice of conflict simulation as a topic in its own right, based on his thirty years of experience in designing wargames and using them to educate both military and civilian students. Simulating War sets conflict simulation in its proper context alongside more academically familiar techniques such as game theory and operational analysis. It explains in detail the analytical and modelling techniques involved, and it teaches you how to design your own simulations of conflicts of your choice, as do Philip Sabin's MA students. The book provides eight simple illustrative simulations of specific historical conflicts, complete with rules, maps and counters. These games have all been employed successfully in class, and you can use them to see exactly how conflict simulation works. Simulating War is essential reading for all recreational or professional simulation gamers, and for anyone who is interested in modelling war, from teachers and students to military officers. A key feature of the book is its inclusion of illustrative wargames designed by Professor Sabin for use in class, complete with rules and full colour maps and counters. These are as follows: - Second Punic War (multiplayer diplomacy) - Roma Invicta? (Hannibal's early campaigns in Italy) - Kartenspiel (card game of Napoleonic battle) - Hell's Gate (the Korsun pocket, winter 1944) - Big Week (US bombing raids, February 1944) - Fire and Movement (WW2 British infantry battalion attack) - Block Busting (WW2 urban combat) - Angels One Five (grand tactical aerial dogfighting in WW2)

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