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ISBN: 9781845208028 - The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine
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The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine

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Anamaria Iosif Ross

ISBN: 9781845208028
Format: Paperback
Publisher:Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

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The Anthropology of Alternative Medicine is a concise yet wide-ranging exploration of the cultural underpinnings of non-biomedical healing.






Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and above. -- E. Wellin, emeritus, University of Wisconsin--Milwaukee CHOICE In recognising that the label of alternative medicine has a multiplicity of meanings, Ross maintains that what constitutes alternative medicine is relative in that 'what is deemed alternative at a particular time and place is often a mainstream practice in another time and place' (p. 5) . Chapters 2-4 constitute a tour d'force of numerous alternative medical systems around the world . her readable book has the potential to serve as an excellent supplementary textbook in an introductory medical anthropology course or a course on medical pluralism. -- Hans Baer The Australian Journal of Anthropology [2013; 24(2): 220-221] This author helps us explore the meanings of practices, whether they be traditional or orthodox ... Highly recommended for students of anthropology, sociology ... courses. www.fidelius-reviews.blogspot.co.uk/ The book is a tour de force of 'facts' interwoven with narratives on diverse traditions and therapies within the field of alternative medicine ... I would recommend, 'sit back and go with the flow' and this slim volume will generate new thoughts and topics for discussion, regardless of your discipline or experience. -- Dr Fionagh Thomson, Durham University, UK www.centreformedicalhumanities.org Mentioned in Anthropological Notebooks

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