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ISBN: 9781846145285 - Doctor De Soto
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Doctor De Soto

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William Steig

ISBN: 9781846145285
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Particular Books

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Doctor De Soto, mouse and expert dentist, does very good work, curing toothache in animals large and small. He and his able assistant, Mrs De Soto, usually refuse to treat any animals that have a taste for mouse, but one day a fox arrives at his office begging for relief from a rotten tooth. Will the kind-hearted De Sotos turn him away?





ISBN9781846145285 Pages32
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 Weight (grammes)358
PublisherPenguin Books Ltd Published inLondon
ImprintParticular Books Published inGB
FormatHardback Height (mm)259
Publication date01 Dec 2011 Width (mm)222
DEWEY813.54 Spine width (mm)11
DEWEY editionDC23 

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