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ISBN: 9781847039217 - Treitel on the Law of Contract
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Treitel on the Law of Contract

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Edwin Peel

ISBN: 9781847039217
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
Edition: 13th Revised edition
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Now in its 13th edition, this book explains and analyses the law of contract, and provides a detailed and clear examination of many areas of controversy and difficulty.





ISBN9781847039217 Pages1390
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 Weight (grammes)1569
PublisherSweet & Maxwell Ltd Published inLondon
ImprintSweet & Maxwell Published inGB
FormatPaperback Previous ISBN9780421948402
Publication date19 Mar 2011 Height (mm)57
DEWEY346.4202 Width (mm)154
DEWEY editionDC23 Spine width (mm)233

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