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ISBN: 9780340818862 - Watching the English Watching the English
The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour
Kate Fox

ISBN10: 0340818867  ISBN13: 9780340818862
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 11 Apr 2005
The hardback bestseller now in paperback: 'An entertaining and clever book. Do read it.' -More
ISBN: 9780571203765 - Beowulf Beowulf
Seamus Heaney

ISBN10: 0571203760  ISBN13: 9780571203765
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02 Oct 2000
Composed towards the end of the first millennium of our era, the Anglo-Saxon poem "Beowulf" is a Northern epic and a classic of European literature…More
ISBN: 9780749396237 - An Intimate History of Humanity An Intimate History of Humanity
Theodore Zeldin

ISBN10: 0749396237  ISBN13: 9780749396237
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 25 Sep 1995
The author of "The French", "Happiness" and "A History of French Passions" writes about the history of human feelings, habits, emotions and perceptions across time…More
ISBN: 9780953443826 - A Dodo at Oxford A Dodo at Oxford
The Unreliable Account of a Student and His Pet Dodo
Philip Atkins, Michael Johnson

ISBN10: 0953443825  ISBN13: 9780953443826
Publisher: Oxgarth Press
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 16 Sep 2010
ISBN: 9780300143324 - A Little History of the World A Little History of the World
Ernst H. Gombrich

ISBN10: 030014332X  ISBN13: 9780300143324
Publisher: Yale University Press
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 19 Aug 2008
In 1935, with a doctorate in art history and no prospect of a job, the 26-year-old Ernst Gombrich was invited to attempt a history of the world for younger readers…More
ISBN: 9780141389240 - All Souls All Souls
Javier Marias

ISBN10: 0141389249  ISBN13: 9780141389240
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02 Aug 2012
The pretty young tutor Clare Bayes attracts many eyes at an Oxford college dinner, not least those of a visiting Spanish lecturer…More
ISBN: 9780099429791 - Atonement Atonement
Ian McEwan

ISBN10: 0099429799  ISBN13: 9780099429791
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02 May 2002
A story that begins with three young people in the garden of a country house on the hottest day of 1935, and ends with three profoundly changed lives…More

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ISBN: 9780007284870 - Bad Science Bestseller Bad Science
Ben Goldacre

ISBN10: 000728487X  ISBN13: 9780007284870
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 02 Apr 2009
Ben Goldacre's wise and witty bestseller, shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize, lifts the lid on quack doctors, flaky statistics, scaremongering journalists and evil pharmaceutical corporations.More
ISBN: 9780571194735 - Birthday Letters Birthday Letters
Ted Hughes

ISBN10: 0571194737  ISBN13: 9780571194735
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Edition: Main
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 17 Mar 1999
Features letters that are addressed, with just two exceptions, to Sylvia Plath, the American poet to whom the author was married. This book became an instant bestseller on its publication in 1998 and won the Forward Prize for Poetry in the same year.More
ISBN: 9781847670946 - Dreams from My Father Dreams from My Father
A Story of Race and Inheritance
President Barack Obama

ISBN10: 1847670946  ISBN13: 9781847670946
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Edition: Main
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 05 Jun 2008
The son of a black African father and a white American mother, Obama was only two years old when his father walked out on the family. Many years later, Obama receives a phone call from Nairobi…More