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eBooks Help

eBooks Help

There are 4 steps to buying eBooks:

  1. Install the software you need
  2. Buy and download an eBook from Blackwell Online
  3. Put your eBook into your eBook Library
  4. Transfer your eBook to your eReader

Step 1: Install the software you need

Preparing your computer to store eBooks

To read one of our thousands of eBooks on your eReader, you first need to install some software to your computer.
eBook Library (only applicable for the Sony Reader)
Adobe Digital Editions (free to download from the internet)

Installing eBook Library

Use the CD-ROM that came with your Sony Reader to install eBook Library onto your computer.

Simply follow the installation instructions and your eBook Library should now be on your desktop in: Start/ All Programs/ Reader/ eBook Library

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Without the installation of this software you will not be able to download any eBooks to your computer.

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions. You will be taken to a page on the Adobe website
  2. Activate Digital Editions when prompted - you'll need to be online
  3. You'll need your Adobe ID for this step. Register with Adobe if you haven't already
  4. Authorise your computer to protect your digital content. You can authorise up to 6 computers with the same Adobe ID
  5. Accept the user agreement

Your eBooks are assigned to your Adobe ID, not your computer so by activating:

  • you can transfer eBooks onto up to 6 (authorised) machines
  • your eBooks are protected if your computer should break.
  • For more information, visit Digital Editions help

Step 2: Buy and download an eBook from Blackwell Online

  1. Browse eBooks or locate using the search
  2. Buy online and we'll send you an order confirmation email following by a separate email containing a link to download your eBook.
  3. Click the Download link in the email.
  4. Your eBook will be saved on your computer in: My documents/ My Digital Editions
  5. If you're asked to open or save the eBook, choose open. If you chose save, click the icon 'ebx' to open your eBook.
  6. You have 3 attempts to download your eBook - if you need any more attempts or further help, please email us with details of the problem.

Step 3: Put your eBook into your eBook library

  1. Open your eBook Library (in Start/ All Programs/ Reader/ eBook Library)
  2. Select File/ Import Files.
  3. Go to My Documents/ My Digital Editions.
  4. Double click to see all your eBooks and double click on the eBook you want.
  5. Your eBook should now be in your eBook Library. Check by going to your eBook Library and clicking Status.

Step 4: Transfer your eBook to your eReader

  1. Connect your eReader to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. Check the eReader symbol is showing in the list on the left-hand side of your eBook Library.
  3. If it's not, check the USB cable is connected properly and the Reader is turned on.
  4. Left click the title of the eBook you want to transfer and drag it into your eBook Library and drop it onto the eReader symbol.
  5. Your eReader will see that an eBook has been added to the library and automatically transfer it.

eBooks Terms and Conditions

eBook titles purchased cannot be returned, printed, refunded, or exchanged. If you experience technical difficulty in downloading or accessing a title, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

eBooks for certain publishers operating under the Agency model are not available for sale outside the UK, EEA and Switzerland. In addition, customers are not eligible to earn or redeem Reward points on eBooks published by these publishers.

eBook FAQs

How do I receive the book from you - do you send me a link?
When a book is ordered online, once it is paid for and authorised, a link is sent by email by which the book can be downloaded.

Can I return an eBook?
eBooks cannot be returned once they have been downloaded by a customer onto their PC or eReader.

Can I get a refund for an eBook purchased in error?
All eBooks are firm sale, and as such non-refundable. Our eBook supplier advises that once an eBook link is generated they are charged by the publisher for the eBook regardless of whether it is ever downloaded or not, therefore I am sorry to advise we cannot provide a refund for eBooks purchased.

Can I copy or forward an eBook to another computer?
You can transfer eBooks onto up to 6 (authorised) machines. Your eBooks are protected if your computer should break For more information, visit Digital Editions help

Can I print off copies from an eBook download?
Due to DRM (Digital rights management) the option to print is limited and the owner of the eBook may be able to print several pages but will be unable to print a full hard copy of an eBook you have purchased online. eBooks are generally designed to be read on your PC or eReader only - the download limits and the restrictions applied within each books' DRM are set by the publisher concerned. Although up to 6 PCs can have the same eBook downloaded, printing rights can vary so that not all of them can print. The printable quantity is controlled by ADE.

What is DRM?
DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management". They the controls/limitations/restrictions that a publisher has placed against a particular title. In theory these controls could be used to limit the number of times an eBook can be read, how many pages can be printed, and what devices and/or software systems are able to read it etc etc.. In reality, most publishers have chosen a fairly loose set of controls that amongst other things restrict the number of times that the eBook can be downloaded and a limitation on how much of the book can be printed off. The download limits, and for that matter the restrictions applied within each books' DRM is set by the publisher concerned.

What is an ACSM File?
This is the shortcut link to the download. It is created when the user has not downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions. When you have downloaded and installed ADE it will automatically pick up the relevant PDF/ePub and add it to your ‘library’.

Can eBooks in PDF format be read by a normal PDF reader?
The eBooks supplied in PDF cannot be read by a normal PDF viewer. They are DRM'd and require Adobe Digital Editions or a compatible mobile device (or it's accompanying library software) to view them.

Our ePub eBooks are compatible with Sony Ereader, Samsung E60 but not the Kindle.

Can I download an eBook to my iPad or iPhone? Due to the Adobe DRM you will not be able to put this file directly on your iPad/iPhone.
The eBook is not a standard PDF - it is DRM wrapped, and as such can only work with ereader software capable of reading DRM'd eBooks. Most iPlayers use an app called "Stanza", which is the market leading eBook reading software for the iPod and iPhone. This software uses a proprietary DRM control, which is unique to Stanza, and the Stanza eBook shop although it does handle non-DRM wrapped eBooks. There is however a 3rd party software (iPhone App) that allows the user to do this but we can neither advise nor recommend it - you will need to download the App at your own risk as it is not supported by Blackwell's.

Can I download an eBook to my Kindle?
Due to the Adobe DRM you will not be able to put this file on your Kindle.

What happens if I am unable to download my eBook?
Please ensure you have the current version of Adobe Digital Editions installed. Please email customer services with the order details and any error messages generated, also at what stage of the download the message is appearing. Your query will then be passed on to our technical team and a response advised in due course.

What happens if my firewall is preventing the download from taking place?
It may be that your machine is preventing the download from completing - sometimes this is caused by the firewall on your computer. If the computer belongs to a school/college or a business, would you please ask your IT to create an exception within the firewall for port 8080 and then attempt to download.

How do I log a support case with Adobe?
If you need further assistance from Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to contact Adobe direct and log a support case. To do this you will need to visit and www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/ and click 'Submit a web case'.