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ISBN: 9781907332852 - 10,000 Cupcakes
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10,000 Cupcakes

An Infinite Store of Cupcake Combinations

Susanna Tee

ISBN: 9781907332852
Format: Spiral / Comb Bound
Publisher: The Ivy Press

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While cupcake chefs seek new inspiration, and the appetite for cupcake books and gifts continues, the challenge is on to find anything that is original. 10,000 Cupcakes meets that challenge with bells on. And with sparklers, sprinkles, and flags on!





Its pages are split into three sections that turn independently to offer a selection of cupcakes, toppings, and decorations. Flip through the bottom section to choose your cupcake recipe. Turn to the middle section to select your icing. And to complete your creation, either with careful deliberation or random abandon, by turning to a top menu of artistic decorations that will light up any party. Sometimes literally. Whatever combination you choose will result in a clear recipe and set of instructions on the left, and a fantastical college cupcake artwork ont the right. And, even more exciting, there are over 10,000 possible combinations to ensure that cupcake creativity is always on hand.