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ISBN: 9781889140148 - 1-2-3 Magic
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1-2-3 Magic

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Thomas W. Phelan

ISBN: 9781889140148
Format: Multimedia Item
Publisher: ParentMagic, Incorporated

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Addressing the task of disciplining children without arguing, yelling, or spanking, this program offers easy-to-follow steps to manage troublesome behavior with patience and compassion.





Addressing the task of child discipline with humour and practicality, this time-tested program provides easy-to-follow steps for disciplining children ages two through 12 without yelling, arguing, or spanking. Parents learn to deal with the six kinds of testing and manipulation, and they discover the 10 steps for building self-esteem in children. This award-winning guide also teaches parents how to handle the disrespectful outbursts of children with reason, patience, and compassion. NTSC format.

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