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ISBN: 9781845284015 - 365 Steps to Self-Confidence
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365 Steps to Self-Confidence

David Lawrence Preston

ISBN: 9781845284015
Format: Paperback
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
Edition: 4th Revised edition
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Confidence is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life. And yet many of us lack confidence and self-belief. As a result, we are less adventurous and less likely to get the most out of life. This book is a carefully structured, daily programme covering the following areas: - Deciding to be confident - Harnessing self-awareness - How to think confidently - Using your imagination to improve your self-image - How to act with confidence - Communicating with confidence Each of the 52 sections contains information, insights and words of inspiration, plus seven exercises and practical hints or points to ponder. Fifteen minutes a day will give you tools and techniques which have worked for millions of people around the world. If you read the material carefully and apply what you learn, you really will notice big changes taking place within two or three months. A year from now you'll be amazed at how much more confident you've become. Contents: - 52 themed sections, one for each week, from 'How to build confidence', 'Getting motivated' and 'Find a purpose', to How to ask for what you want' and 'Lighten up' and 'Choose peace'. - Each section has 7 practical insights, exercises and things to put into practice.

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