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ISBN: 9781780875958 - 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Psychology
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50 Ideas You Really Need to Know: Psychology

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Adrian Furnham

ISBN: 9781780875958
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Quercus Publishing

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The introduction to the key ideas of psychology.





How different are men and women's brains? Does altruism really exist? Are our minds blank slates at birth? And do dreams reveal our unconscious desires? If you have you ever grappled with these concepts, then this book is for you. Not only providing the answers to these questions and many more, a series of essays explore each of the central concepts, as well as the arguments of key thinkers. Adrian Furnham offers introductions to emotional behaviour, cognition, mental conditions - from stress to schizophrenia - rationality and personality development, among many others.

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