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ISBN: 9781854183330 - 7 Steps to Effective Executive Coaching
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7 Steps to Effective Executive Coaching

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Sabine Dembkowski

ISBN: 9781854183330
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thorogood

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Based on the author's research and consultancy practice, this book builds on the GROW coaching model and introduces a model which involves 5 core capabilities and a 7-step process - The Achieve Coaching model.






This ground-breaking book explains the 7-step ACHIEVE coaching model, which focuses on five essential coaching skills the development of rapport, deep listening, creative and open questioning, honest feedback and the use of intuition. With extensive case studies and examples, this important book provides an effective model for executive coaches in which to structure their coaching sessions and programs. It also offers valuable guidelines to HR professionals and managers in both assessing outside coaches and developing their own executive coaching skills."