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ISBN: 9781578630110 - A Beginner's Guide to Mediumship
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A Beginner's Guide to Mediumship

How to Contact Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over

Larry Dreller

ISBN: 9781578630110
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

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A thought-provoking look at the eternal question "Is there life after death?" Author Larry Dreller holds degrees in education and history and has extensive experience in psychology and counseling. Dreller also has led seance study circle groups for years and approaches the subject of spiritualism in a rational manner--providing compelling validity for mediumship as a spiritual path.





The BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO MEDIUMSHIP shows how to develop spiritual powers, conduct seances, harness the power of prophecy, comfort and heal others, see auras, and more. Drawing on his own experience, Dreller focuses on pure and practical day-to-day applications of mediumship and how they can enrich readers' lives. This book is an introduction to this phenomenon as well as a workbook to guide readers through exercises to reawaken their abilities.