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ISBN: 9781854183750 - A Dictionary of Colour
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A Dictionary of Colour

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Ian Paterson

ISBN: 9781854183750
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Thorogood

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This dictionary is the first of its kind: a treasury of colour words and phrases and a comprehensive resource for exploring every aspect of colour and its many applications across the disciplines and through the ages. Colour is much more than decoration; it provides us with a means of distinction…





Words are drawn from many different worlds including art, artists, crafts and design, painting, printing and sculpture, the decorative arts, gems, fashion, textiles, physics, maths, astronomy, chemistry, cosmetics, dyes, colourants, paints, biology, geography, geology, minerals, history, art history, social history, religion, philosophy, heraldry, mythology and symbolism, language, linguistics, grammar, slang, literature (including the Bible and Shakespeare), music, theatre, photography, television and film, psychology and human behaviour, education, politics, commerce, economics, finance, law, travel, war, vision and colour-blindness, medicine, drugs, colour therapy, food and drink, colour theory and many others.

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