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ISBN: 9781850435877 - A
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A "Hard Day's Night"

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Stephen Glynn

ISBN: 9781850435877
Format: Paperback
Publisher: I.B.Tauris

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Dubbed by Andrew Sarris 'the Citizen Kane of pop musicals', recently given a high-profile release on a two-disc DVD, A Hard Day's Night, directed by Richard Lester and produced by United Artists, is viewed by Stephen Glynn as that rare event - a cheap exploitation movie that has entered the cultural canon…






Dubbed 'the Citizen Kane of juke-box movies', voted among the top 100 British films of all time, accorded a high-profile release on DVD, A Hard Day's Night, the Beatles' film debut of 1964, has proven to be that rare event - an exploitation 'quickie' that has firmly entered the cultural canon. A Hard Day's Night was shot, edited and distributed in a matter of weeks early in 1964 to cash in on a passing local fad. Yet by the time of its release the Beatles had conquered America, and their film debut was instantly recognised as a major movie phenomenon. Placing the film in its social context, Stephen Glynn relates it to other examples of the genre, discusses its frantic making and its euphoric critical and popular reception. He analyses the film in depth, highlighting the 'revolt' in its depiction of youth, class and sexuality, and the style in director Richard Lester's Pop Art visual correlation to the myth-making soundtrack of Beatlemania. Essential reading for students of film, fans of popular music and the fab four and those interested in the Sixties, Glynn's guide also explores the legacy of A Hard Day's Night from the Monkees through to MTV and beyond.

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