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ISBN: 9780747259923 - A Smile for All Seasons
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A Smile for All Seasons

Pamela Evans

ISBN: 9780747259923
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing

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A devestating truth threatens to destroy Eve Peters' dream, in this absorbing London saga by bestselling author Pamela Evans





In 1963 Eve Peters has it all: young, beautiful and fashionable, she also has a gorgeous husband, Ken. She dreams of owning a house in Ealing where they can start a family. But a horrific tragedy leaves Eve a widow, with Ken's baby on the way. But then Eve meets Meg - blonde, vivacious and also single. Meg's baby is due soon after Eve's and the two women strike up a deep friendship. Meg owns a successful boutique and when she learns that Eve is also passionate about clothes, she offers her a job and they become business partners. And when handsome Bart Baxter walks into her life, Eve starts to believe that once again she can find love and happiness. But then Meg reveals a devastating secret that has the power to destroy one of the most rewarding relationships in Eve's life...

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