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ISBN: 9781849434706 - A Soldier in Every Son - The Rise of the Aztecs
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A Soldier in Every Son - The Rise of the Aztecs

Luis Mario Moncada

ISBN: 9781849434706
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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An epic play covering the three decades, from the Aztecs arriving in the valley of Mexico (now Mexico City) as fierce war-like nomadic mercenaries when they get sent to the lake by the other tribes, to establishing the Aztec Empire, which rules for 100 years until the Spaniards arrive.





"Late 14th century in the Valley of Mexico and a small, unknown tribe called the Aztecs propel themselves from nomadic mercenaries to rulers of a great empire. Passion, power and intrigue play out in this epic political thriller which charts the history of an ancient civilisation. Spanning a century and based on true events chronicled in the Aztec codices, A Soldier In Every Son - The Rise of the Aztecs is closely inspired by Shakespeare's history plays. A Compania Nacional de Teatro de Mexico/Royal Shakespeare Company co-production. Originally commissioned for the World Shakespeare Festival which is produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company for London 2012 Festival."