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ISBN: 9781845284121 - A Woman's Guide to Working for Herself
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A Woman's Guide to Working for Herself

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Sandra Hewett

ISBN: 9781845284121
Format: Paperback
Publisher: How To Books Ltd

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The rise of the female entrepreneur over the past 30 years is a cause for celebration in the UK. Whether driven by unfair treatment at work, conflict between office and family life, or the inspiration of a great business idea, hundreds of thousands of women are motivated to work for themselves. There are many benefits to being self employed but many, too, are the challenges. Women need confidence, support, and often some start-up finance to make a go of it. This book will provide inspiration, information and loads of advice from a range of women who run their own business. It starts by recognising that women start all kinds of ventures in many different circumstances: - Developing an idea from home - Freelancing - Joining the 'mumpreneurs' - Launching a business with capital investment - Buying a franchise or creating a franchise - Becoming an direct selling agent - Creating a social enterprise - Starting up after redundancy or unemployment - Breaking new ground - young, retired, disabled, disadvantaged