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ISBN: 9781590330784 - Adams vs. Jackson
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Adams vs. Jackson

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Eugene M. Wait

ISBN: 9781590330784
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Nova Biomedical

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Wait has spent several decades as an independent researcher and writer of American history. In the preface to this text, he states, "I write all that is important and also that which is interesting. I have written on other historical topics from the caveman to Truman..." Here he applies his enthusiasm for the field of history to a study of Adams an






John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson figured prominently in the turbulent years of middle nineteenth century. As the stage was set for the Civil War, political parties crystallised and the nation underwent economic upheaval. Conflict with native tribes began in earnest as the nation expanded westward. This book provides an extensive analysis of the title characters as well as other chief leaders and the events of these changing times.