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ISBN: 9780840029164 - Addiction Treatment
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Addiction Treatment

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Diane Davis

ISBN: 9780840029164
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Broadman & Holman Publishers
Edition: 3rd Revised edition

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ADDICTION TREATMENT covers the biological, psychological, and social aspects of alcoholism, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, and other addictions. As symbolized by the image on the book's cover, the authors bridge the gap between the popular twelve-step and harm-reduction approaches, thus illuminating how practitioners can guide clients down a trusted path that is tailored towards the client's particular needs. Through a number of first-person narratives about the experience of addiction, students will discover a realism and depth not commonly found in textbooks. In addition, the authors include student-friendly topics, such as the case against so-called underage drinking laws, to draw students into the material and illustrate the importance of reducing harm within the biopsychological framework that ties the text together.

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