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ISBN: 9781845842185 - Alfa Romeo Montreal
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Alfa Romeo Montreal

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Bruce Taylor

ISBN: 9781845842185
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

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The Alfa Romeo Montreal is one of the most stunning series production automobiles of the twentieth century. This book presents a comprehensive pictorial tribute to the Montreal and a visual testimonial to a powerful and beautiful coupe that was born as a futuristic concept and transformed into a dream car come true.






The powerful and beautiful Alfa Romeo Montreal coupe is the ultimate 'dream car that came true'. Created as a futuristic concept car for Canada's Expo 67 World Fair, the exciting prototype was a dream car par excellence. The production model to which it gave birth was equipped with a race-bred 200bhp V8 engine, and manufactured in series from 1970 to 1977. Almost 4000 Montreals were built, and sound cars are readily available today at very affordable prices. This book is a comprehensive pictorial tribute to the Montreal, a visual testimonial to the combined talents of Alfa Romeo engineers and Bertone stylists. It highlights the fusion of technical ingenuity and aesthetics that created one of the most stunning series production automobiles of the twentieth century. The book explores the marriage of technology and art that appeals to both reason and the heart, combining man's rational desire for fast, efficient personal transportation with his emotive passion for exotic vehicles. In a portfolio of over 500 illustrations, it paints a unique and detailed graphic portrait of all the facets of this elegant and potent classic GT, revealing why it is immensely enjoyable to drive and turns heads wherever it appears.

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