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ISBN: 9780330453783 - Allie Finks's Rules for Girls: Stage Fright
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Allie Finks's Rules for Girls: Stage Fright

Meg Cabot

ISBN: 9780330453783
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
Edition: Unabridged

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The fantastic fourth book in bestselling author Meg Cabot's funny and sassy series for tweens - introducing a stunning new cover look!





When Allie's class puts on a play, every girl in Room 209 wants to try out for the part of the princess -- including Allie, Sophie and (ew!) Cheyenne. Not everyone can be the leading lady -- but who will try to STEAL THE SHOW, who will get SCARED, and who will get a tiny bit jealous? Some not-so-friendly competition puts some of Allie Finkle's rules to the test ...There are no small parts. Only small actors. May the best man--or woman--win. If you want to get anywhere, you can't play by the rules.