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ISBN: 9780198072508 - An Economist's Miscellany
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An Economist's Miscellany

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Kaushik Basu

ISBN: 9780198072508
Format: Hardback
Publisher: OUP India

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This eclectic collection of popular writings - short essays, two translated Bengali short stories, and a play - presents reflections on the world of academe, politics, and policy by a distinguished economist-cum-policymaker.






This miscellany of popular writings deals with the world of academe, politics, and policy, especially the world of economics. The volume begins with the two 'closing' columns that the author wrote before joining the Indian government's Ministry of Finance as an adviser. They describe his excitement and trepidation on moving from academics to the world of policy and politics. The other essays cover a wide range of topics-from recession and the global financial crises to foreign policy, art and commerce, and philosophical reflections on finance and economics. In addition, there is a piece of travel writing; an essay on persons, ideas, and books that have influenced the author; and a diary entry on his mother turning 90. Two short stories by Shibram Chakravarty-considered classics in mid-twentieth century Bengali literature-translated by the author for the first time feature in this volume. The stories are hilarious and yet have scathing social content, and one of them is explicitly to do with economics. The collection also includes 'Crossings at Benaras Junction'-a light-hearted, facetious play with an academic setting and a lot of contemporary philosophy built into the conversation. Finally, the book provides a description of two popular games that were created by the author as a diversion from everyday work-Duidoku and Ultimate Duidoku.