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ISBN: 9780263902242 - At His Service
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At His Service

Alison Roberts, Anne Fraser, Molly Evans

ISBN: 9780263902242
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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Top-Notch Heroes - The Best There Is - Need a Top-Notch Woman Not a Pampered Princess! Tama James runs the helicopter paramedic team and, when he hears Mikayla Elliot got her job by connections, he's outraged. But bright, bubbly Mikayla is impressive and soon Tama needs to declare that he wants her on his team...and in his bed. Not a Useless City Girl! Kirsty Boucher has come to work under the blazing African sun, looking for a fresh start. Handsome Dr Greg du Toit is off limits though - he's her boss and has a tragic past. He thinks Kirsty isn't cut out to be a doctor in Africa...New Girl, New Start Nurse Maggie Wellington landed right in the deep end in her new job in Alaska, which was fine. But her new boss, Medical Director Jack Montgomery, was far too attractive and much too wounded for a dedicated healer to ignore...