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ISBN: 9780862921965 - Athens and Corcyra
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Athens and Corcyra

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J. Wilson

ISBN: 9780862921965
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

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The book is written for classical scholars as well as for the general reader who may be interested in an exciting piece of military and political history.





Not much attention has been paid to the history of Corcyra in relation to Athens in the Peloponnesian War, though Thucydides devotes no fewer than 52 chapters to it. John Wilson remedies this gap in scholarship by a detailed analysis of the Thucydidean text. Part 1 of the book deals with the Epidamnus and Sybota campaigns; Part 2 with the Corcyrean stasis, together with important tailpieces after 427 BC. The relevants texts of Thucydides are included in Greek, as well as the author's own translations and a number of maps.