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ISBN: 9780748779499 - BTEC National Mathematics for Technicians
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BTEC National Mathematics for Technicians

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Alan Fuller, Alex Greer, G. W. Taylor

ISBN: 9780748779499
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Nelson Thornes Ltd
Edition: 3rd Revised edition

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This textbook contains everything students need for the core Mathematics units covered in any BTEC National Engineering course. It combines material from BTEC National NII and NIII Mathematics for Technicians to provide one complete volume for Level 3 Engineering.






This work is completely up-to-date with the latest Edexcel BTEC specifications. It covers basic mathematic operations including indices, transposition of formulae, scientific units, logarithms and exponents. It contains a new chapter on the use of a scientific calculator. It presents this sometimes difficult subject in a simple and user-friendly way with over 300 diagrams to explain key topics.