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ISBN: 9781849434058 - Barrow Hill
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Barrow Hill

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Jane Wainwright

ISBN: 9781849434058
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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A gritty drama set in Derbyshire. Family loyalties are tested as an elderly woman fights to prevent her local chapel from being redeveloped into luxury flats by her own son.





"'It took your Great-Great-Grandfather and the rest a' this town years to build this chapel. A hundred years of people's lives caught between its stones. And now these invisible men are trying to erase it till there's nowt left of any a' us.' Chesterfield, Derbyshire, 2012. Kath is 86 years young and still going, but as her friends keep dying around her, her only tie to the world is her beloved chapel. When Kath discovers that the chapel is to be converted into luxury flats for young professionals and that her own son, Graham, has won the contract for the rebuilding work, she is forced into a bitter battle between the past and the future. In a society that's waiting for her to die, Kath is confronted with the fragility of family loyalties and the pain of learning to let go..."

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