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ISBN: 9781849434379 - Bottleneck
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Luke Barnes

ISBN: 9781849434379
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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A powerful coming-of-age story set in the heart of Liverpool in 1989. A funny and ultimately heartbreaking monologue.





"Am I a virgin? I think I am. I mean it went in her but it was floppy and it wasn't very nice so I think I am a virgin. I'm going to say I am. Will look better on me uni applications. Liverpool, 1989. Greg is thirteen. He has just started secondary school. He earns pocket money sweeping up hair in a barbers. Girls are aliens. Liverpool FC are everything. Greg has an extraordinary story to tell you. Bottleneck is a vibrant coming-of-age story about becoming a man through adventures both big and small. It is about a notorious city; Liverpool. How the outside world views it and how it views the outside world."

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