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ISBN: 9781569759790 - Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters
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Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters

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Build and Outfit Your Life-Saving Escape

Scott B. Williams

ISBN: 9781569759790
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Amorata Press

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Going beyond a standard 72-hour bug out bag, this book shows you how to outfit escape vehicles and retreats in order to be able to survive for days, weeks or even months without civilization. It covers such projects as outfitting a stationwagon, converting an RV and building secure shelters from shipping containers.





A CATACLYSMIC DISASTER STRIKES YOUR AREA. How will you evacuate your family to safety? Do you have a vehicle you can count on? Can it double as a mobile retreat, or do you have a shelter prepared in advance? What's your plan for reaching the shelter? Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters gives you the vital answers and options for becoming a survivor instead of a refugee: VEHICLES * Prepping fast-escape vehicles * Using specially equipped vehicles for unique situations * Planning for backup vehicles if your main escape option fails * Utilizing bikes, canoes, kayaks, rowboats and other human-powered means of escape SHELTERS * Preparing temporary shelters * Locating and stocking longterm shelters * Using an RV, motorhome, camper trailer or converted utility vehicle * Living aboard boats, from motorboats to houseboats to blue-water sailboats Explaining the advantages and drawbacks of each vehicle and shelter option, this survival handbook zeroes in on the key considerations and essential equipment for planning all your bug-out needs.

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