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ISBN: 9780273716624 - Business Information Systems
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Business Information Systems

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Paul Bocij

ISBN: 9780273716624
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Financial Times Prentice Hall
Edition: 4th Revised edition
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Business Information Systems does not assume any previous knowledge of IS or ICT, and new concepts are simply defined…







A comprehensive introduction to the technology, development and management of business information systems. The book assumes no prior knowledge of IS or IT, so that new concepts and terms are defined as clearly as possible, with explanations in the text, and definitions at the margin. In this fast-moving area, the book covers both the crucial underpinnings of the subject as well as the most recent business and technology applications.

It is written for students on any IS, BIS or MIS course from undergraduate to postgraduate and MBA level within a Business or Computer Science Department.


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