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ISBN: 9781550712735 - Changing Shores
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Changing Shores

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Nadine Ltaif

ISBN: 9781550712735
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Guernica Editions,Canada

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In a mix cure of prose and verse Nadine Ltaif draws on mythological imagery to paint a moving portrait of the exile, loss, love and new beginnings that she experienced as a Lebanese woman during her quest for a new life in Canada…






One woman's emotional and cultural journey is luxuriously illustrated in this moving collection, as she artfully recounts leaving Lebanon for a new life in Canada. In a voice that blends prose with poetry, she copes with the new-found sense of rootlessness she gains in exchange for her new freedom. Though she is finally allowed to pursue the thirst for love and desire for acceptance that her former lifestyle forbade, she unexpectedly finds sadness in what she has to give up. She richly conveys her rebirth through references to Arabic mythology and ultimately comes to terms with her exile through celebration.