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ISBN: 9781584350606 - Chaosophy
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Felix Guattari
Sylvere Lotringer

ISBN: 9781584350606
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Semiotext (E)
Edition: New edition

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The texts and interviews collected in Chaosophy were written in the wake of May '68. They elaborate on the groundbreaking theories of capitalism and schizophrenia that Felix Guattari introduced with Gilles Deleuze in Anti-Oedipus in 1972…






Chaosophy is an introduction to Felix Guattari's groundbreaking theories of "schizo-analysis": a process meant to replace Freudian interpretation with a more pragmatic, experimental, and collective approach rooted in reality. Unlike Freud, who utilized neuroses as his working model, Guattari adopted the model of schizophrenia--which he believed to be an extreme mental state induced by the capitalist system itself, and one that enforces neurosis as a way of maintaining normality. Guattari's post-Marxist vision of capitalism provides a new definition not only of mental illness, but also of the micropolitical means for its subversion. Chaosophy includes such provocative pieces as "Everybody Wants to Be a Fascist," a group of texts on Guattari's collaborative work with Gilles Deleuze (including the appendix to Anti-Oedipus, not available in the English edition), and "How Martians Make Love," a roundtable discussion with Guattari, Lotringer, Catherine Clement, and Serge Leclaire from 1972 (still unpublished in French). This new, expanded edition features a new introduction by Francois Dosse (author of a new biography of Guattari and Gilles Deleuze) and a range of additional essays, including "Franco Basaglia: Guerrilla Psychiatrist," "The Transference," "Semiological Subjection, Semiotic Enslavement," "The Place of the Signifier in the Institution," and "Three Billion Perverts on the Stand."

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