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ISBN: 9780749685997 - Chief Five Heads
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Chief Five Heads

A Southern African Tale

Margaret Nash

ISBN: 9780749685997
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Franklin Watts Ltd

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Brightly illustrated stories from different cultures simply retold in under 180 words, perfect for newly independent readers.





Exciting stories from around the world told in fewer than 180 words, suitable for children who are starting to read independently. The series introduces readers to stories from other cultures and encourages them to find where the story comes from on a map. This tales comes from Southern Africa. The chief in the next village wants a wife. Two sisters would like to marry him, but this chief is not quite what they expect! The tale has echoes of Cinderella, where the kindness of the younger sister shines through. Puzzles at the back of the book encourage children to reread and retell the story in their own words, and helps build vocabulary by matching words to characters.