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ISBN: 9780415287692 - Children, Youth and Development
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Children, Youth and Development

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Nicola Ansell

ISBN: 9780415287692
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Routledge

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Children, Youth and Development focuses on the ways in which changes in development theory and practice have impacted on young people's lives and considers the influence of the differing geographical and social contexts in which young people live…






Children constitute a large part of the population of developing countries. Throughout the developing world, experiences of childhood are extremely diverse, both between places and between children in particular places, from the international level through to the different treatment of a boy and a girl within the same household. This informative book considers issues such as education, child labour, street children, child soldiers, refugees, child slaves, the impact of environmental change and hazards on children and the way that children, with the enthusiasm and energy to bring about change, can be enabled to participate in 'development'.

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