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ISBN: 9780334041146 - Christian Approaches to Other Faiths
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Christian Approaches to Other Faiths

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Hedges, Paul
Paul Hedges

ISBN: 9780334041146
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SCM Press

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This book surveys views in the theology of religions (pluralisms, exclusivisms, particularities, feminism, etc.), giving a strong account of the main options. Moreover, it considers responses to individual traditions such as Islam and Buddhism, highlighting particular issues.

Written for upper level undergraduate courses, and accessible to the educated layperson, this book provides the ideal introduction to some of the most pressing concerns to face people of faith, or no faith, today.






The textbook begins with a chapter on exclusivism, inclusivism, particularity and pluralism, and one on interfaith. Each chapter explains the history, rationale and workings of the various approaches. Moreover, each is divided into sub-sections dealing with various forms of each approach, so that each may be appreciated in its individuality, i.e. the chapter on 'Inclusivism' will include sections on 'fulfilment theology' 'anonymous Christians', etc. The second part of this textbook deals with attitudes towards different faiths, considering the problems and relations that exist with Christian approaches to each. It will deal with the world's major faiths as well as primal religions and new religious movements. The introduction and conclusion will deal with some central themes that run throughout, in particular, the questions of the Trinity and concepts of salvation. In each section reference will be made to the key texts discussed in the Reader which accompanies this(9780334041155), however, the work may be read as a stand alone text.